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Includes everything in starter package

Advert management application

  • Using any smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • "One-Click" to send property details to a customer in English, French or German
  • Monitor the Internet Footprint of each advert
  • Get directions to a property from your current location
  • Centralised Enquiries - keep track of potential clients
  • Store Private Notes + documents for each advert
  • Display your logo, address & telephone with each advert

Instant multi-lingual website

If you need to upgrade your current website or need a brand new one, HomeConnect will create one for you that will work on smartphones, tablets or PCs.

If required, we can customise or enhance it for a very competitive price.

Advert's Internet Footprint

Where else on the Internet is your advert being displayed? Homegate? Immostreet?

This function will help you keep track of your global advertising costs and view at a glance the exposure of each advert

Direction finder

Get directions to one of your advertised properties from your current location. In conjunction with Google Maps, you can print out directions or view them on your phone.

This is useful when setting up meetings with clients or when you're late for a meeting with the vendor!

Centralised enquiries

All communications about an advert are stored in the database and can be accessed from the office, tablet or smartphone.

Communications won't get lost, and you will be able to follow up potential customers more efficiently and rapidly.

Improved traffic

All adverts sent to our partner websites will have a link back to your own website, improving traffic and popularity with the search engines.