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Daily upload

Your property adverts can be uploaded automatically from your office once per day so that they are always up-to-date.

We accept various different formats, and you can upload them to our server or we can automatically get them from you.

Fully functional Android/IPhone/IPad web app

You will be able to browse your own adverts directly via your smartphone or tablet, change their status, modify or delete them.

Automatic translation

No matter which language your adverts are written, they will automatically be translated between German, French and English.

That way when you respond to a potential customer, you can send the details in his/her preferred language.

Automatic publication to leading Swiss websites

Your adverts will automatically be displayed on some of the top sites in Switzerland, without any effort or cost on your part. These include www.homes.ch and www.bestabodes.com, with further sites being added all the time.

With all adverts being published in multiple languages, they will be viewed by a wide range of potential buyers throughout Switzerland and the world.

Full Google Maps integration

Your property adverts will be fully integrated with Google Maps, so that clients can view the property location via satellite or by map. When they contact you, they already know that they are interested and you won't waste time with customers who are looking for something different.


How many people are interested in your adverts? Are they making enquiries? HomeConnect will give you a full overview of current activity.