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How will HomeConnect improve communication with my customers?
With a single click you can send an e-mail or SMS containing your property advert in either English, French or German. All communications are logged centrally so that you and your main office know what was sent to whom and when.
Which formats can I use to upload advert data?
Our standard formats are XML or Excel. If you have a special format, then one of our engineers can discuss it with you.
Can it work using my existing domain name?
YES - We can host the application in a way that allows users to connect via your domain name.
Can I customise the format of adverts?
YES - In collaboration with our development team, we can alter the layout and format of the adverts.
Can I use it to communicate with my office via smartphone?
YES - By changing the status flag, and creating notes against an advert
How can I translate my adverts to English, German or French?
All adverts are automatically translated between English, French and German without any effort on your part
How can I keep track of interested customers?
Via the centralised messaging system, all messages related to a property advert can be displayed. Additional information is available via the logging system.
Can I see where else on the internet this property is advertised?
YES - By using the Internet Property Footprint function
How do I know if my data upload worked correctly?
A dashboard page is provided to show the status of your recent uploads
Can I get map directions to each property from my current location?
YES - By using the property directions function.
How can I tell which property advert is attracting buyers?
By looking at the statistics for each property advert.
How does it integrate with my existing website?
All adverts contain a link back to your existing website. It can also be configured to use the same domain name.
How much does it cost?
The basic package is free, apart from a small setup fee. The full product is charged on a monthly basis dependent on the number of property adverts and the number of user accounts. See our pricing page