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HomeConnect helps real-estate agents manage their online property adverts

If your business is selling houses and apartments then online property adverts are one of your main tools of trade.

Keeping those adverts up-to-date, making them available on smartphones in English, French and German and responding to enquiries are some of the ways that HomeConnect can save you time and money, and improve your chances of making a sale.

Here's what HomeConnect can do for you:

Manage your online adverts

HomeConnect is an online, cloud based solution designed for real estate agents. It provides you with a mobile and a full-sized web application that lets you manage your online property adverts directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Instant website

HomeConnect will automatically generate a default website optimised for your customers and which will display perfectly on smartphones, tablets and PCs. You can integrate it into your existing website or use it as a standalone site. If you wish, we can customise it to your specific requirements.

Display an "Internet Footprint" for each advert

For each advert, track on which Swiss websites it is currently being displayed (e.g. homegate, immostreet etc.)

Free gateway to our partner Sites

Each of your adverts will be available on our top-ranking Swiss partner sites in English, French and German. Interested buyers will contact you directly with no intermediaries involved.

Respond to enquiries instantly via your smartphone

Improve your response time to customers with pre-programmed, standardised SMS messages and e-mails in English, French or German. With one or two clicks on your smartphone, you can respond to any enquiry in multiple languages sending a property advert to their phone or tablet instantly.

Smartphone business hub

Turn your phone into a business hub where you can change or remove adverts, send notes to your main office, monitor statistics, get directions, send adverts to customers, manage photos and much much more.

Directions from your current location

With a simple click, you can obtain directions to each of your listed properties from your current location. Invaluable if you are late for an appointment!

Improve your business reputation

Raise your profile and make a professional impression on your customers. Customers will appreciate an instant response to their enquiries and all communication is logged so that you can keep track and follow it up in detail.

No IT worries

We will manage backups, hardware, databases, security and all of the other IT worries, so that you can concentrate on the job of selling property!

How does it work?

Upload your adverts using XML, Excel or other common formats, and we will do the rest. Your adverts will be translated between English, French and German and available instantly on your smartphone.

Every day, a new set of adverts can be uploaded, which means they will always be online and always up-to-date.


  • Simplify your advert management
  • Instant website
  • Keep track of client communications
  • Automatic advert translation
  • Full Google map integration. Get directions, show location...
  • Internet footprint - which sites are displaying your adverts?
  • Save time and money. Organise your property portfolio directly from your phone
  • Respond more quickly to enquiries
  • Improve co-ordination between main office and travelling courtiers

How can I get started?

Simply fill in the enquiry form, and we will contact you with a demonstration